Black Newborn Baby Tulle Double Layered Tutu

SKU 2150

This black double layered baby tutu is stylish for newborns to toddlers. It is a fashionable piece that can be worn alone or that can be paired with any other color. Coordinate the tutu with a simple shirt or an elegant top to show the dainty side of your little girl. The lowing soft bridal tutu will look adorable for holidays or as something to wear for family pictures. A black crochet top is stretchy, making it a piece that fits one size. This also makes it very comfortable for babies to wear. A black vintage headband is an option when ordering so that your child can have a matching piece for the hair that has a delicate design with a flower. The tulle on the tutu is six inches long.

Instock and Ready to Ship

  • Fits 0-18 Months
  • Black Timeless Vintage Headband Optional
  • Ships in 24-48 hours