Lilac Lavender Vintage Chiffon Flower With Crochet Headband

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This traditional yet versatile headband is perfect for matching and pairing, super-manageable, and adorably feminine and stylish. Moms will note that the stretchy crochet and soft material of the band is very comfy for babies, making it a great choice for "dress-up" occasions, like pictures or a family gathering, that can be stressful enough for both of you. The openwork of the crochet and lightweight construction of its flower medallion are ideal for long-term wear and doesn't damage your child's growing hair like some clips and barrettes. At the same time, this headband has a lot of style and personality, just like your little one. It feels comfortable and casual for her, and looks beautiful and fashionable, too.

  • One Size Crochet Headband fits newborns to toddlers
  • Features chiffon flowers and measure appx 4 inches wide.
  • Show with our lavender baby dress