Come Shop our wide variety of Baby Tutus and Infant Tutus.  We are sure you will love all our Newborn tutus that are Soft and stretchy tutus for babies. All our tutus are made with the softest chiffons that will not make your little girl itch.  Your little girl will love dancing and twirling in her dance tutu.  Your princess tutu cannot have too many poufy skirts. Our frilly and fancy tutus for little babies are a perfect gift for any mom to be.   We only offer the highest quality newborn tutu's on the market today! Our Tutu skirts are one size and will fit your princess for many years. You can find many colors of infant Toddler skirts including, Light pink tutus, white tutus, black, hot pink, blue, lavender, lime green, and orange, chocolate, dark purple and red tutus.  Unlike other cheap tutus, Our Chiffon infant tutu for girls can be hand washed and laid flat to dry. These come one size fits all and will fit from about 10 pounds (newborn) to about 30 pounds) and are 12 inches long. Each stylish tutu comes with 3 layers of fabric nylon chiffon.

A Princess' Crown Baby Blue Pink Tutu Dress
Product ID : 1078
A Super Fluffy Lavender Lilac Baby Girl Tutus
Product ID : 1812
All White Newborn Tutu Baby Tulle Tutu
Product ID : 2340
Aqua Mint Green Newborn Baby Tutu
Product ID : 2087
Aqua Tulle Skirt Tutu with White Crochet Top
Product ID : 2514
Baby Ariel Birthday Tutu Dress Costume
Product ID : 2343
Baby Cinderella Tutu Dress Princess Inspired
Product ID : 2233
Baby Pink Newborn Girl Tutu
Product ID : 2093
Baby Snow of White Infant Toddler Tutu Dress
Product ID : 2214
Baby Tutu Turquoise Lime Dark Purple Skirt
Product ID : 2489
Beauty Beast Inspired Belle Baby Tutu Dress
Product ID : 2231
Birthday Christmas Baby Tutu Dress
Product ID : 1618
Birthday Girl Tutu Dress Sweet Treats Cupcake
Product ID : 1305
Black Newborn Baby Tulle Double Layered Tutu
Product ID : 2150
Black Newborn Tulle Fluffy Baby Girl Tutu
Product ID : 2101
Bliss Lavender Pink Baby Toddler Tutu Dresses
Product ID : 1868
Chic Ivory Baby Toddler Tutu Dresses
Product ID : 1604
Coffee and Cream Fall Autumn BabyTutu Dress
Product ID : 1611
Dark Purple Chiffon Triple Layer Tutu Skirt
Product ID : 2507
Dark Purple Newborn Baby Tutu
Product ID : 2088
Diva Hot Pink and Black Baby Girl Tutus
Product ID : 1814
Elsa Inspired Tutu Dress Snow Queen Snowflake
Product ID : 2133
Emerald Green Christmas Baby Tutu Skirt
Product ID : 2484
Enchanted Purple Lavender Baby Tutu Dress
Product ID : 818
English Rose Vintage Baby Tutu Dress
Product ID : 2030
Fireworks Red White Blue Baby Girl Tutu Dress
Product ID : 2144
Fluffy Light Pink Tulle Baby Tutu
Product ID : 1804
Fluffy Red Baby Tulle Tutu Handmade
Product ID : 1810
French Ivory Pink Baby Girl Tutu Dress
Product ID : 2027
Girls Cinderella Tutu Dress Princess
Product ID : 2234
Green and White Baby Girl Toddler Tutu Dress
Product ID : 1642
Hot Pink Chiffon Baby Toddler Ballet TUTU
Product ID : 306
Hot Pink Minne Mouse Tutu Dress
Product ID : 2157
Hot Pink Newborn Baby Fluffy Tutu
Product ID : 2096
Hot Pink Ruffled Chiffon Baby Infant TUTU
Product ID : 299
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Our newest design is our tulle baby tutus. We offer trendy boutique tutus, birthday tutus, newborn tutus, pageants tutus, pink tutus, baby tutus and headbands which are handmade. The classic tutu comes attached to the crochet top. Select one for your newborn for a first baby photo or 1st birthday. Every little girl needs a tutu to be dressed in.  Our children’s tutus will make a great keepsake.  She will be able to wear it for many years.  We attach the tulle to the crochet top so it makes one piece tutu with top.   Most of our tutus are one size and come with a stretchy elastic waist. Need this order shipped fast? If you do not see what you are looking for, we can make her a custom one.  Just make sure you email us and we will be so excited to make her a special outfit for your specials occasion

ou can even take one of our plain tutus and decorate for her. Make her a costume with one or put under a skirt to add some poof. These also make great party favors. Have guest pick one when they get there and then the little girls can take them home We ship items within 24-48 hours. Most items ship the next day. We also ship worldwide. She will look so cute in one of our fancy little outfits. You will not be able to find this in any department store. Looking for a great mom to be gift? These are wonderful for all new moms. What a wonderful last minute baby shower gift. We can also custom make one for her if you do not see what you are looking for. Just email us and we will work with you. We love making custom children’s tutus. Click on a picture to view more information and place your order. She will be the ballerina, fairy princess, tea party diva, or pageant outfit winner.